TESK - Trotta, Eberhart, Sotomaior Karam - Sociedade de Advogados

Trotta, Eberhart, Sotomaior Karam – TESK – Sociedade de Advogados is a boutique law firm, highly specialized in the more complex issues of Corporate Law. Through the emphasis on personalized services and client relationship, TESK offers efficient and creative solutions to the cases treated.

Partners Claudia Ceccatto de Trotta, Caio Márcio Eberhart and Rachel Avellar Sotomaior Karam engage directly on all TESK’s activities. Their complementary knowledge and talent converge on the multidisciplinary approach and the great level of expertise in their Practice Areas – such as corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, business law, banking law, environmental law, competition law, financial markets and investments structuring.

TESK lawyers are committed to upholding high standards of ethics, excellence and quality in their services. Furthermore, they apply their extensive experience in various segments of business law to provide safe and effective results.

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